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Often we are approached by our merchants and asked to describe what the differences are between TransPay and “The Rest”.

We truly believe in the following:

We believe that excellent customer service is the base of all good business. Of course price is always an issue, but in the end, it is never the most important issue. On a Saturday night at 11:00 P.M., or during a special event or fund raiser, when a something breaks, or there are issues that need special attention.

It is not how many numbers you have to call, it is not how low your rate is, the most important thing is:

When an issue arises, will someone live answer the phone, who can help you with your issue, right now when you really need it?

At TransPay Processing, the answer is yes!

We have a 24 hour help line, with a live person who can help you on the spot.

Give us a call 760-776-5954 or Toll Free at 888-205-7922

We’d be happy to hear from you!

-Emil, Mitchell, Kristy and Linda

Indian Wells, CA.

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