Add/Change Management

Our major clients often have rapid turnover of field location sites, or the sites change locations, owners, phone numbers, etc. Each add/change/delete may require a master database update, and a change to the POS configuration file in the Terminal at the field location. By using the Transpay Processing add/change/delete service, the client need only E-Mail a file of changes to Transpay Processing, and Transpay Processing will automatically update the master database and ensure that the respective field locations get their terminals updated with the correct configuration file.

Central Transaction Database

Central Transaction Database and Distribution. For our transaction-based major clients, Transpay Processing provides a central transaction database that can be batch-forwarded to our client and/or to specified regional offices.

Custom Transaction Processing

One national client requested both Transpay Processing custom POS Software and Transpay Processing custom transaction processing service. By using the Transpay Processing standard wide area processing network, and our generic approach to adding custom transaction processing capabilities, Transpay Processing was able to accommodate this client’s wishes. For this client, our custom transaction processing recognizes new types of transactions as well as standard credit card authorization requests, and stores the client’s transactions in a dedicated database for both real-time access as well as batch distribution to the client.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Many of Transpay Processing Credit Card Customers qualify for Transpay Processing EFT Service. Called Transpay ProcessingCash, this service permits Transpay Processing customers to accept ElectronicChecks or DDA Account debit instructions from their customers, and Transpay Processing will accurately and securely move the designated amount from the DDA account to the Transpay Processing customer account.

Fraud Control / Risk Management

The central transaction database can be used by Transpay Processing on behalf of our client for specified “data-mining” applications. Such applications could be for fraud control, risk management, or statistical analysis.

Help Desk Service 24/7

Help Desk Service (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Transpay Processing provides a toll-free help-desk service to assist our client’s field locations in the use of the software, and in troubleshooting any hardware problems.

You can contact the Help Desk by calling 888-902.6156